Thesis and poster


1、The conference invites abstracts of academic papers in microbiology and related fields. The soliciting topics include but are not limited to the following related topics:

1) Cultivating previously uncultured microbes; 

2) Changes in microbial systematics;

3) How to name uncultivated prokaryotes;

4) Intra - & inter- species diversity and speciation;

5) Microbial systematics and its impact on biotechnology research;

6) Bridging the gap between microbial systematics and the larger microbiology community.

2、The purpose is to strengthen the academic exchange of the conference, welcome to submit the unpublished paper abstract, and the manuscript is responsible for its owner’s responsibility.

3、Thesis abstract typesetting requirements: the abstract should contain the main results, and should be controlled within one page. Document name: Abstract title + name + institute. The full text should be in English, using Times New Roman font, for special needs, using symbol font or other proprietary symbols. The title of the abstract should be written in bold font number 4, and the name of the author (attach the contact information such as the author's email address), the body of the abstract, key words, main references and so on. The abstract edit should by Microsoft Word and set to A4 paper format. The upper and lower margins should be 3.5 cm, and the left and right margins should be 3 cm.

 4、The thesis abstract can be submitted in the user center (the conference registration fee can be uploaded before submission), or take "paper abstract + name + institute" as the email theme, send to the special email address:

5、Deadline for submit applications: October 15th, 2023.

Poster requirements

1、 The conference will sincerely solicit academic posters in microbiology and related fields, and the conference will issue certificates to the outstanding posters.

2、 Dimension requirements: the overall size should be 2350 mm * 945 mm, the content area size should be 1450 mm * 840 mm high, and the picture resolution should be greater than 300 dpi.

3、 the poster using unified underlay, please go to download center download poster underlay template, participants can make their own designs in content area, and export the PDF file (size limit is 30 Mb), and submit the corresponding documents in the user center (need to pay the registration fee for the meeting first, then can upload the submission), or send email "poster + name + institute" as email theme to conference E-mail: The conference posters will be printed and posted by conference affair team.

4、 Deadline for poster posting application: October 15th, 2023