Application for conference theme report

1、The conference sincerely invites experts and scholars in microbiology and related fields to apply for the theme report of the conference. The report topics include:

1) Cultivating previously uncultured microbes; 

2) Changes in microbial systematics;

3) How to name uncultivated prokaryotes;

4) Intra - & inter- species diversity and speciation;

5) Microbial systematics and its impact on biotechnology research;

6) Bridging the gap between microbial systematics and the larger microbiology community.

2、Experts and scholars who apply for the theme report of the conference, please go to the download center to download the reporter introduction template and the paper abstract template. Take "the theme report of the conference + name + institute" as the email theme, and send the proposed participation topic, report topic, paper abstract and personal introduction to email:

3、Deadline for submit the applications: October 15th, 2023.