Notice of changing the poster underlay and poster content area size

Time:2023-08-01 12:49

The poster underlay and the poster content area have changed. If participants have downloaded the old poster underlay, please go to the download center to download the latest version.

The revised poster requirements are as follows:

1: Size requirements: the overall size is 2350mm*945mm, the content area size is 1450mm*840mm, and the picture resolution should be higher than 300dpi.

2: The poster uses the unified underlay, please download the underlay template in the download center, the participants can design their own contents in the content area. export the PDF file (File name: poster title+name + institute. File size limit is blow 30Mb) after completion of the design, according to the requirements, submit the corresponding documents in the registration website User center, and the conference team will arrange for printing and Posting display.

3Application deadline for poster Posting: October 1, 2023